The London RSI Support Group is an independent group of people who suffer from an RSI condition and meet monthly in central London to provide mutual support and advice in dealing with these debilitating conditions.

The group welcomes new members, their friends and family, at any of its meetings or events. The monthly meetings usually have a guest speaker on a related RSI topic. The meetings also provide an opportunity to discuss the problems those with an RSI condition face at work, at home, in seeking treatment, benefits etc. They can provide a good source of information and advice and sharing suggestions of help available in the London area. Many of our members also travel in from outside London to attend.

Meetings are usually held in the evening of the last Tuesday of every month at the upstairs meeting room of the Lucas Arms (entry is through the bar area and the door on the right). If you have any questions or would like to know more then please contact us through the contact details on this website. Don't worry if you cannot make it for the start. We often stay late and discussions continue in the bar downstairs.

The ideas and support offered to people with RSI through this website are offered in the public interest and with the best intentions. We cannot guarantee that any services are still working or are suitable for any individual person. We can offer no guarantees as to the quality of items, meetings or events etc. As individual members people can and do talk about their own experiences and suggest personal recommendations. The London RSI Support Group works as an unfunded group of people with RSI conditions who support others with RSI concerns and offers positive ways forward.



NOTICE reference the future viability of the London RSI Support Group

The chairman and trustees of the London RSI Support Group are concerned that the combination of a low turnout of people seeking advice and help with RSI at our meetings (often there are no new enquiries), the significant cost of the room hire (£50 per night) and the limited source of funding (£2 or £3 subscription to those attending), means that the trustees regrettably need to seriously consider closing the London RSI Support Group.  The groups funds have been heavily subsidising the room hire for over 2 years, which has now depleted our balance to zero. We would value any feedback or thoughts from members on this issue.     

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